Friday 28 May 2021

Bluebonet Fields

 Lately, I've been adding a new style to my already fatigued closet - 'cottagecore.' For those unfamiliar with the term, it's a style which features an idyllic view of the countryside that started in 2019. Its roots and inspiration appear to run somewhat parallel to its older counter part, Mori fashion, but instead of layers of clothing, it instead features unfussy single layers but with fussier details like puff sleeves, lace, empire waist silhouettes, and billowy skirts.

Gunne Sax, a brand popular in the 1970s, features heavily in this style.

I got pretty hardcore (heh) into it and accumulated a bunch of dresses which strangely enough, are even less practical than lolita. Their long skirts and my relatively short length don't match entirely, and I'm a bit loathe to shorten the dress.

However as there are less layers involved, I find it more practical to wear to settings where I may need to move around more in such as parks and fields. 

Last year, we found out about the Texan phenomenon known as bluebonnets. Each year, thousands of bluebonnets sprout, forming expanses of blue as far as the eye can see. It is a floral mecca for the Instragrammer.

Unfortunately as Texas goes, many of the bluebonnet heavy areas are actually private property, and trespassing will raise the ire of the property owner at best. However, there are a few state parks which also have bluebonnets - we decided to visit one called Somerville State Park.

Just an hour outside of the Houston area, Somerville features an expanse of bluebonnets but with walkable trails people should keep to. 

A few things to keep in mind while taking pictures among the bluebonnets:

1) Try not to step on them! Rumor has it that they may not grow back if you do, but in general, it's also just terrible in general and ruins the bluebonnets at least for the year.
2) Don't pick bluebonnets if you are in the park or on private territory. You CAN pick bluebonnets on public property that is not a park, but check closely. I ended up picking bluebonnets in a public area where I live. 
3) Fire ants are hell. Avoid anthills. 

Even my fiance loved taking pictures here. The expanse of bluebonnets was so impressive with the flowers spreading out beyond our view.

The park was on the smaller side but had lovely blooms on the short drive throughout. 

The park also features a lovely small lake. Our dog loved it, much to our chagrin.

Bluebonnet season starts in late March to early April. There are other state and local parks including Lyndon B Johnson State Park, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and Cypress Bend Park which will have bluebonnets. Many state roads particularly to the west will also have bluebonnets along with other wildflowers. There are some cities with great bluebonnet viewing areas, but in general, especially with the recent flood of bluebonnet tourists, I've found that it's easier to keep to the public areas. 

I'm genuinely always interested in other flower viewings, so if you have any others, please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love the photos of you at the park! And ty for explaining the difference between Mori and Cottagecore. As you noted, there are some brands in the '70s that were likely the influence to what is popular today with cottagecore. There were also bands in the '70s that featured the look on their albums and made super calm, folksy music back then. My mom was into the look in her youth and as a result from seeing old pieces around the house and album covers - my gut instinct was "yuck." And "old." But it is quite pretty when I take a step back and refocus ,and it is nice what the youth is doing to update it!