Friday 28 May 2021

Bluebonet Fields

 Lately, I've been adding a new style to my already fatigued closet - 'cottagecore.' For those unfamiliar with the term, it's a style which features an idyllic view of the countryside that started in 2019. Its roots and inspiration appear to run somewhat parallel to its older counter part, Mori fashion, but instead of layers of clothing, it instead features unfussy single layers but with fussier details like puff sleeves, lace, empire waist silhouettes, and billowy skirts.

Gunne Sax, a brand popular in the 1970s, features heavily in this style.

I got pretty hardcore (heh) into it and accumulated a bunch of dresses which strangely enough, are even less practical than lolita. Their long skirts and my relatively short length don't match entirely, and I'm a bit loathe to shorten the dress.

However as there are less layers involved, I find it more practical to wear to settings where I may need to move around more in such as parks and fields. 

Last year, we found out about the Texan phenomenon known as bluebonnets. Each year, thousands of bluebonnets sprout, forming expanses of blue as far as the eye can see. It is a floral mecca for the Instragrammer.

Unfortunately as Texas goes, many of the bluebonnet heavy areas are actually private property, and trespassing will raise the ire of the property owner at best. However, there are a few state parks which also have bluebonnets - we decided to visit one called Somerville State Park.

Just an hour outside of the Houston area, Somerville features an expanse of bluebonnets but with walkable trails people should keep to. 

A few things to keep in mind while taking pictures among the bluebonnets:

1) Try not to step on them! Rumor has it that they may not grow back if you do, but in general, it's also just terrible in general and ruins the bluebonnets at least for the year.
2) Don't pick bluebonnets if you are in the park or on private territory. You CAN pick bluebonnets on public property that is not a park, but check closely. I ended up picking bluebonnets in a public area where I live. 
3) Fire ants are hell. Avoid anthills. 

Even my fiance loved taking pictures here. The expanse of bluebonnets was so impressive with the flowers spreading out beyond our view.

The park was on the smaller side but had lovely blooms on the short drive throughout. 

The park also features a lovely small lake. Our dog loved it, much to our chagrin.

Bluebonnet season starts in late March to early April. There are other state and local parks including Lyndon B Johnson State Park, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and Cypress Bend Park which will have bluebonnets. Many state roads particularly to the west will also have bluebonnets along with other wildflowers. There are some cities with great bluebonnet viewing areas, but in general, especially with the recent flood of bluebonnet tourists, I've found that it's easier to keep to the public areas. 

I'm genuinely always interested in other flower viewings, so if you have any others, please let me know in the comments below!

Saturday 5 September 2020

Main Piece Masterlist

 I thought this would make the best hub at the moment (unlike other platforms which appear to be dying) to house main pieces and coordinates with them. 

To navigate, simply click on the main piece you would like to check out. It will take you to the page with listed tag. 

Innocent World

Plain OP (2009)

Check Square Neck OP (2017-2018?)

Innocent Rose Gathered Flared JSK (2017)

Ribbon Bouquet Skirt (2008)

Boat Neck Tuck Flare OP (2016)

Georges Rose JSK (2016)

Little Dot OP (2011)

Rasiel OP (2009)

Juliette et Justine

Robe de Celadon OP (2014, 2018 rerelease Shanghai limited)

Blanche Rode Ferric OP (2013)

Le Premier Cri de Prophête JSK (2017 re-release)

Soupir d'Ange JSK (2015)

La Bibliotheque (skirt) (2013)

Mary Magdalene

Alistine Coat (2012)

Angelica OP Sleeveless (2007)

Angelica OP Long Sleeves (2012)

Arabesque Rose JSK 

Bérangère OP (2008)

Carlotta OP (2011)

Classical Chiffon OP (2003)

Claudette OP (2010)

Cordelia Puff Sleeve OP (2008)

Elodie Doll JSK (2012)

Emanuelle OP (2008)

Emmanuelle Skirt (2008)

Farutetto (2014 re-release)

Fleur Chiffon JSK (2006)

Germaine Skirt (2007)

Leitia Frill JSK (2010)

Lolotte OP (2010)

Madeleine Chiffon OP (2009)

Meria Rose OP (2013)

Morgane OP (2006)

Old Rose JSK (2010)

Rose Basket JSK (2010)

Rose Mélange JSK (2006)

Sailor Collar OP (2012)

Saint Claire OP (2012)

Tweed Ribbon OP (2003)

Tweed Rose One Piece (2004)

Valeria JSK (2010)

Whyteleafe OP (2007)

Sunday 5 April 2020

Review: Kaneko Shop Custom Semi-Transparent Bonnet


My review today is for the kaneko shop bonnet. I've gotten some questions on their shop in particular so I thought it would be a good time to review my purchase.

I always admired Kaneko Shop's items, especially their transparent headpieces which have become their signature. Their dreamy, ethereal quality drew me in and reminds me of the more ostentatious period pieces including Jane Eyre and Crimson Peak.

I took the opportunity from their shop during their cyber sale time when they had a 20% sale in December (December 1, 2019 according to etsy). Their bonnets are very customizable and allow you to choose from a variety of colors and finishes. They also encourage you in the comments to specify which finishing you would like, down to the beads and specific colors of the flowers. I opted for a beige color and flowers/feathers, and specified further in the comments to have beige beads, and for it to look like the bonnet in the Jane Eyre movie (it was a phase for me at that point).

After purchasing, they messaged me asking for further specifications including a 'vintage' finish with multiple crocheted lace ribbons, or a 'regular' finish which is displayed on the site. They also checked in frequently with me including showing me pictures of the supplies.

picture by kaneko shop

On January 15, they showed me the final picture, which was honestly beyond my wildest dreams, and asked if it was to my liking. After checking in with me, they sent the package.

While unfortunately I do not have the packing anymore, it was packed very well in a sturdy box, and came well wrapped in bubble wrap.

The bonnet is honestly stunning. I am no milliner so my opinion is likely not very well informed, but this would be one of the most flattering bonnets I own. One feature I love about the bonnet is that despite its opulent detail, it works so well with even natural hair. It would also be stunning over a wig.

The bonnet consists of boning in the front, light interfacing, and then is overlaid with organza, on top of which is the lace and other trimmings. There is both beading over the trimming and some smaller rhinestones to add detail.

Until I inspected the bonnet more closely, I did not realize that the flowers were removable and adjustable, a nice touch which is very much appreciated.

There is a comb on the inside to hold to the hair. The tag is by the comb.

The organza is finished with an overlock stitch which helps with the sturdiness.

My one small observation is one which is likely difficult to avoid with the construction of a transparent bonnet. If you look closely, you can definitely see all the elements including the interfacing and the boning. However, it is really not noticeable when worn, and does not show up even in photography.

As said before, the detailing however is stunning.

Overall, the piece is stunning, has beautiful delicate details, and really does the whole 'hermitess in a bonnet' justice. I was so thrilled to use it with my most recent coordinate.

I am looking forward to order from Kaneko Shop again when I have the chance. If you are looking at something in their shop, I would not hesitate to recommend buying the item. With great customer service and beautiful products, they are definitely a creator to work with on a special item you have in mind.

Sunday 14 July 2019

Review - Lily of the Valley Designs Custom Sash

Ever since I had the pleasure of meeting the mind behind Lily of the Valley designs, Tyler H, I have been in love with her work! I love her attention to detail, from the bodice design on her recent Mushroom series, to the inordinate amounts of lace she puts on all her accessories. For my upcoming Fleur Antoinette OP I plan to wear to tea soon, I decided to commission a custom sash from her.

Ordering it was easy. There is a custom sash listing on etsy which you just need to buy. Before checking out, make sure to specify which main piece you are coordinating with. That way she will be able to custom make the sash to your coordinate. The sash in total for me was 45 USD, 5 USD for shipping, bringing it in total to 50 USD. 


I ordered the sash on June 17th, and she sent it out on July 3rd. This was a processing period of approximately 16 days (12 working days). I think this is very reasonable for the quality you receive, as she hand makes each one individually. The sash came in a bubble wrapped package which I think is suitable for the piece.


To be honest, it was a bit of a surprise when I saw the shipping notification. I think she has a lot of creative energy and loves to make her creative decisions when making the sash. I did indicate to her which main piece I wanted to coordinate with, and had absolute trust in her so this was ideal for me. For others who may want more communication though, I would shoot a message to her after purchase.


The sash consists of a rosette that attaches to a wide sash. Both are made of grosgrain ribbon and two types of lace - cotton beige lace for an intricate design to break up the blue ribbon, and a gold metallic trim lace to finish the edges of the sash. The cotton lace has the additional detail of a darker blue ribbon woven through the middle. The flowers are standard craft artificial flowers (likely hydrangeas?) that adorn the rosette. Additional details include the sash being finished with a briolette bead on each side, and a tassel off of the rosette. 

Personally, I could not have asked for more. At first, I was nervous that the sash would not match the dress, but it actually matches up very beautifully so! It reminds me of how members of royalty often have a distinctly colored sash, usually blue. 


For the most part, the stitching is very straight. There were some parts where you can see the sewing becoming ever so slightly uneven, however it does not impact the overall design as the thread was carefully matched, and is not noticeable unless you're looking in very closely. There is no puckering of the sash along the seams (the waviness is from the excitement of opening the package and not ironing it yet). The rosette is backed by a piece of felt, with her logo attached to it, as well as a safety pin and a clip. It appears to be glued however is very sturdy. The sash drapes very nicely when pinned together. 


The grosgrain ribbon seems to be on par with other grosgrain ribbon I've purchased in the past from ribbon specialty stores. While it is not soft, the structure allows it to drape across nicely without looking too limp in my opinion.  The cotton lace is quite nice soft and very suitable for the sash. The flowers, as mentioned before, are dyed well and look realistic and not too plasticky.

Overall opinion:

I think for the price, you receive a very well made product with quality materials. The design is beautiful, and you can have the assurance that someone with a background in both lolita and clothing design has put a lot of thought into this. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs that extra oomph for a special event. For people who want more input on the sash, I would suggest messaging her for in progress pictures during the process. Overall, I am very pleased with what I have, and I cannot wait to wear it out soon!

Thursday 4 July 2019

Innocent World: Plain OP

 I first bought this OP in 2018 ish for its comfort and versatility. It's a very comfortable for casual events, and is easily cleanable to boot! I also love the teal color. I wish Innocent World made more OPs like this these days. 


    Outfit rundown:

        OP: Innocent World
        Bag: Victorian Maiden
        Hair clips and socks: offbrand
        Necklace: Handmade
        Shoes: Cobb Hill

Saturday 6 April 2019

Innocent World: Little Dot OP

 I'm not going to lie I look up to Fanny Rosie and yes I did want the OP after seeing her style it in so many ways. I have yet to style it in as numerous ways as she did, but it is an extremely comfy one piece with a simple but beautiful lace collar that evokes some 1970s dress collars. 


    OP: Innocent World
    Jacket and Beret: Mary Magdalene
    Brooches: vintage and peppermint fox
    Tights: offbrand
    Shoes: Hotter

Monday 25 March 2019

Innocent World: Georges Rose JSK

 One of my favorite releases from Innocent World, Georges Rose features a border floral print that runs down in stripes. While the bodice is not my favorite, I love the lace on the bottom!


    Jacket and beret: Mary Magdalene
    JSK and socks: Innocent World   
    Blouse: offbrand (vintage from taobao)
    Purse: Vintage
    Shoes: Cobb Hill